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    Conduct and Ethics (newest on top)          collected essays
  • People do Forensics Conflicts about oversight neglect a fundamental issue (x-ref from TF)

    Why Do Cops Succeed? Shifting resources from finding fault to studying success

    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished To avoid anointing Trump, the FBI Director falls into a trap of his own making

    Is it Always Always About Race? Unruly citizens and streets brimming with guns make risk-tolerance a very hard sell (x-ref from UF)

    Words Matter In a conflicted, gun-saturated land, heated rhetoric threatens cops’ effectiveness – and their lives

    Intended or not, a Very Rough Ride A hung jury and two acquittals mar a prosecutor’s crusade against police violence

    Orange is the New Brown L.A.’s past sheriff and undersheriff pack their bags for Hotel Fed.

    Role Reversal Chicago’s falling apart. Who can make the violence stop?

    Cooking the Books Has LAPD been using whiteout to fight crime?

    Wanted: Dead or Alive A reward was offered: now all that’s left is to pay

    DOJ v. Sheriff Joe On a mission to quash illegal immigration, a mercurial Arizona sheriff tangles with the Feds

    Arresting the Victim A 17-year old girl is arrested for not showing up at the trial of her alleged rapist

    The Numbers Game A leaked NYPD internal report confirms that crime stat’s were fudged

    L.A.S.D. Blue “We police ourselves,” insists Sheriff Baca. But running a department takes a lot more.

    N.Y.P.D. Blue Allegations of misconduct and corruption beset the nation’s largest police force

    Rush to Judgment Did cops and prosecutors in L.A. and New York act too hastily? And if so, why?

    Meltdown in SoCal When thinking “troubled police,” Southern California doesn’t usually come to mind. Well, think again.

    Be Careful What You Wish For Seattle PD chief welcomes DOJ investigation, calls it a “free audit”

    Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Hours before leaving office, Schwarzenegger commutes the sentence of a friend’s son

    Answering to a Different Authority When it comes to the death penalty, a would-be Attorney General’s fealty to the law has its limits

    Never Having to Say You’re Sorry The limits – if any – of prosecutorial immunity are the focus of a new Supreme Court case

    Before JetBlue There Was Major Dymovsky A Russian cop bails out (figuratively) over corruption.  Should we pay attention?

    Extreme Measures (Part II) Turning cops into immigration agents invites misconduct and corruption

    A Cop’s Dilemma When duty and self-interest collide, ethics can fly out the window

    A Ticking Time-Bomb Twenty-four years after being let off the hook, a murderous woman goes on a rampage

    Liars Figure Pressured by Compstat, police commanders cook the books

    Truth or Consequences A Sheriff needlessly entangles himself, and his agency, in a web of deceit

    Ignorance is Not Bliss Playing ostrich about officer misconduct doesn’t make it go away

    He Said That She Said...But Did She? Does the Cambridge PD report truthfully reflect what a witness said?

    When (Very) Hard Heads Collide A professor and a cop revive the race debate.  But was it really about that?

    Reversal of Fortune No longer a senator or felon, Ted Stevens chuckles as prosecutors feel the heat

    You Can Take the Man Out of Chicago... President Obama’s appointments belie his reformist message

    What Does it Take to Get Fired? When citizen review panels overrule the Chief, discipline suffers

    Troubles at the Top Saying “no” costs Alaska’s top cop his job

    Lying: The Gift That Keeps on Giving Deceiving suspects to get them to confess can backfire

    Hoisted by His Own Petard Pornography, a Federal judge discovers, is in the eye of the beholder

    Following the Rules Over a Cliff Legal ethics aren’t an end: they’re a means

    Accountability?  Not if you’re a Sheriff Popularity contests are no way to select law enforcement officers

    Mission not accomplished Supervisors’ refusal to exercise oversight leaves the Sheriff unaccountable

    Ex-Commish leaves Carona in the dust How law enforcement executives are selected is crucial

    You can’t manage your way out of Rampart Pressures from above and a drive to succeed can distort officer behavior

    Flash: Whitehouse tortures Mukasey! For the would-be Attorney General, waterboarding isn’t torture, unless it is

    We Get the Cops We Deserve There’s a big difference between working mistakes and willful misconduct

    Controlling undercover policing (.pdf)

    The craft of policing (.pdf)

    Production & craftsmanship in police narcotics enforcement (.pdf)


    Crime and Punishment (newest on top)          collected essays

    Ideology Trumps Reason Clashing belief systems challenge criminal justice policymaking (x-ref from S&T)

    Is Crime Up or Down? Well, it Depends It depends on where one sits, when we compare, and on who counts

    Is Trump Right About the Inner Cities? America’s low-income communities desperately need a New Deal

    Getting out of Dodge For families caught in dangerous neighborhoods, there is one option

    Location, Location, Location Crime happens. To find out why, look to where.

    More Criminals (On the Street), Less Crime? Debating the virtues of a less punitive agenda

    Rewarding the Naughty A California ballot measure would reduce many felonies to misdemeanors

    Is the Pot Debate Coming to a Head? Two states have approved its recreational use. What will the Feds do?

    You Think You’re Upset? Criminologists demand that kingpins be held criminally liable for the financial mess

    From Brady to the Confrontation Clause Continuing our roundup of Supreme Court criminal cases in a very busy term

    Faster, Cheaper, Worse Rehabilitation doesn’t lend itself to shortcuts. Neither does research and evaluation.

    From Eyewitnesses to GPS An unusually rich set of criminal cases are on the Supreme Court’s agenda

    Did Georgia Execute an Innocent Man? Part III - A Question of Certainty Controversial recantations and over-reliance on affidavits helped seal Troy Davis’ fate

    Did Georgia Execute an Innocent Man? Part II - Juicing it Up Prosecutors wanted a slam-dunk case. They figured out how to get one.

    Did Georgia Execute an Innocent Man? (Part I) Deconstructing the murder of a Savannah police officer, with no axe to grind

    The Church, Absolved Victims of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy scream “whitewash” over John Jay’s report

    Physician, Heal Thyself Pharmaceuticals are America’s new scourge. So who’s been writing the prescriptions?

    Reform and Blowback A bad economy spurs more lenient sentencing. And warnings about its consequences.

    Ignoring the Obvious Is incapacitation passé?

    Is the UCR Being Mugged? And if so, by whom? A mayors’ group blasts a publisher for ranking cities by their crime rates

    (Merrily) Slippin’ Down the Slope First out the gate with medical marijuana, California considers legalizing its recreational use

    Who Deserves a Break?  And How Would We Know? A Sheriff’s lieutenant urges cops to consider the individual before making an arrest

    A Nation of Liars Mortgage fraud, ordinary people and the Great Recession

    Extreme Measures Angry over Federal dithering, Arizona enacts its own immigration laws

    The Great Debate (Part II) Violence is the problem. Is harsh sentencing the solution?

    The Great Debate (Part I) Who should go to prison? For how long?

    Tinkering With the Machinery of Death Academics prove that the death penalty works.  And that it doesn’t.

    An Illusion of Control Can dangerous out-of-State parolees be adequately supervised?

    The New Normal In the industrial belt, poverty and violence are no joke

    What Really Went on at Neverland? Distrustful of the State’s witnesses, jurors could only wonder: was Michael Jackson’s home a pedophile’s lair?

    With Some Mistakes There’s No Going Back In capital cases finality of the process must take a back seat

    What’s the Guvernator Been Smoking? Legalizing marijuana shouldn’t just rest on economics

    Carona Five, Feds One (But the Feds Won) Convicted of corruption, Orange County’s ex-Sheriff breathes a sigh of relief

    How Many Lawyers Does it Take...? The weight of the Feds falls on a misguided Missouri mom

    It’s Good to be Rich When it comes to justice, there’s no substitute for money

    Sometimes You Have to Throw Away the Key Violence by the young is still violence

    Lock ‘em Up & Send the Bill to Venezuela How mandatory sentencing victimizes the public

    The Tragedy of Jessica’s Law Sex offender hysteria drains resources

    Tookie’s fate is the wrong debate Capital punishment isn’t just wrong: it’s un-American

    They Did Their Jobs Jurors freed Michael Jackson for a reason

    Looking Beyond the Gun Barrel Trying to draw lessons from a wave of senseless shootings

    Why the Drop? Crime has been falling.  Does anyone know why?

    I Drink, You Lose Wine is still alcohol. And alcohol kills.

    Safe at Home -- Not! The presence of guns can instigate violence

    A Tale of Three Cities Declines in manufacturing are associated with crime

    Hollywood’s killing us Exposing impressionable youth to violent images for the sake of a buck


    Use of Force (newest on top)          collected essays

    Why Do Cops Succeed? Shifting resources from finding fault to studying success (x-ref from C & E)

    An Illusory Consensus II Good intentions don’t always translate into good policy

    An Illusory “Consensus” America’s police leaders agree on the use of force. Or do they?

    Is it Always Always About Race? Unruly citizens and streets brimming with guns make risk-tolerance a very hard sell

    Good Guy/Bad Guy/Black Guy (Part II) Aggressive crime-fighting strategies can exact an unintended toll

    Good Guy/Bad Guy/Black Guy (Part I) Do cops use race to decide who poses a threat?

    Intended or not, a Very Rough Ride A hung jury and two acquittals mar a prosecutor’s crusade against police violence (x-ref from C & E)

    More Rules, Less Force? PERF promotes written guidelines to reduce the use of force. Cops aren’t happy.

    Working Scared Fearful, ill-trained and poorly supervised cops are tragedies waiting to happen

    De-escalation: Cure, Buzzword or a Bit of Both? As bad shootings dominate the headlines, cops and politicians scramble for answers

    Does Race Matter? (Part II) The Philadelphia story, and its implications for urban policing

    Does Race Matter? (Part I) Police killings of black persons roil the nation

    Lessons of Ferguson When cops and aggressive citizens tangle, lethal results often follow

    A Very Hot Summer Five incidents reignite concerns about police use of force

    Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (L.A. Edition) Officer missteps carry big price tags

    Three Perfect Storms Scared cops and unruly young men prove a lethal combination

    A Dead Marine, and a lot of Questions Failure to properly contain a situation can leave deadly force as the only option

    Making Sausage Delivering a blow looks nasty, but it can be vastly preferable to the alternatives

    Policing is a Contact Sport (Part II) Tasers are useful. But they’re not risk-free, and over-reliance is a problem.

    Policing is a Contact Sport (Part I) How did the Taser’s reputation reach such a low point?

    Homeless, Mentally Ill, Dead Officers may have beat a troubled man to death.  But we all share in the blame.

    First, Do No Harm Just how intrusive should patrol be?

    Sometimes a Drunk With a Knife is Just That Feel-good rhetoric can’t substitute for deadly-force alternatives and frequent training

    Every Cop Needs a Taser There must be a way for three officers to handle a drunk with a knife short of killing him

    Dancing With Hooligans For street cops every day’s a reality show.  And that reality is often unpleasant.

    Is It When to Chase? Or If? Ten days and twenty-five hundred miles apart, two pursuits end in tragedy

    Making Time Split-second decisions can end in tragedy

    It’s Now L.A.’s Problem A cop’s tragic fumble turns into a cause célèbre.  What will happen if he’s acquitted?

    The Chase is On Are foot pursuits prone to result in bad shootings?

    Kicking a Suspect When He’s Down There may be an explanation for kicking a compliant suspect in the head, but there’s no excuse

    Good Cop / Bad Cop NYPD’s handling of a student protest may have missed its mark

    To Err is Human, to Prevent is Divine Admitting that cops make mistakes can prevent tragedies

    Tasering a Youngster is Wrong, Except When it’s Not Should police have zapped a violent 12-year old?

    Oakland BART Shooting: A Tragedy, Yes -- But is it Murder? It’s not the first time that a cop accidentally drew a gun

    Is it Too Easy to Zap? An invaluable tool is threatened by abuse

    When Cops Kill (Part II) Why are some officers repetitively involved in questionable shootings?

    When Cops Kill Individual differences are key to understanding why some cops shoot

    Assisted suicide is not police work! Less-than-lethal weapons can keep cops from becoming executioners


    Gun Control (newest on top)          collected essays

    Do Gun Laws Work? Are they doing any good? We crunch the numbers to find out.

    A Matter of Life and Death In an era of highly lethal firearms, keeping patrol informed is job #1 (x-ref from ST)

    Is it Always Always About Race? Unruly citizens and streets brimming with guns land make risk-tolerance a very hard sell (x-ref from UF)

    A Ban in Name Only Pretending to regulate only makes things worse

    By Hook or by Crook (Part II) Smart enforcement could “make communities safer” even if new laws are out of reach

    By Hook or by Crook (Part I) In a last-ditch effort to stem gun violence, a frustrated Prez turns to executive action

    All in the Family Men are gunning down their spouses and children. Is anyone paying notice?

    Coming Clean in Santa Barbara Good police work could have prevented a massacre

    Half-Hearted Measures Are No Solution Legislative proposals ignore fundamental issues

    An Inconvenient Truth For some inner cities, The Great Crime Drop is The Great Myth

    Walking While Black (Part II) City officials try to advance a citizen’s implausible self-defense claim

    Walking While Black A Florida CCW permittee avoids arrest after killing a 17-year old he mistook as a threat

    Turn Off the Spigot As guns flood our communities, trying to change hearts and minds is a non-starter

    There’s No Escaping the Gun A prosperous community discovers that mass murder is an equal opportunity threat

    Letting Guns Walk Pressed to make a really big case, ATF managers went for broke

    The Elephant in the Room Restrict the possession of “ordinary” guns or get used to regular massacres

    “Modernization” or “Emasculation”? A deceptively entitled bill seeks to eliminate what little gun dealer oversight there is

    Say Something Is society powerless in the face of mass shootings?

    Bigger Guns Aren’t Enough Cops need protection from rifle rounds, not just the ability to shoot back

    Gun Crazy Welcome to Starbucks.  Would you like a box of nine mm’s with your latte?

    Shootout at Times Square As the Supreme Court gets set to expand firearms rights, an out-of-State gun brings havoc to the Big Apple

    Gun Show and Tell New York City sent private eyes to gun shows.  What did they find?

    When a Pharmacist Kills States that encourage citizens to use lethal force shouldn’t be surprised when they stretch the limits

    America, Gun Purveyor to the Cartels Enforcing the weak-kneed laws that exist is hardly a solution

    Don’t Blame the NRA   America’s gun culture exacts a toll, but it’s only a small part of the problem

    Reviving an Illusion Reinstating the (original) Federal assault weapons ban is a poor idea

    Where Do They Come From? Most guns used in crime aren’t stolen; neither did they fall from the sky

    Long Live Gun Control Combatting gun trafficking and tightening dealer oversight are key

    Gun Control is Dead Gun laws are way down the new Administration’s list of priorities

    Who’s Paul D. Clement? Caught up in the gun-rights debate, the Solicitor-General punts

    Hillary: “I Shot a Duck” Why arming the public is no solution

    Shoot first...then reload! State “castle laws” greatly expand the meaning of self-defense

    Disturbed person + gun = killer, disturbed person + assault rifle = mass murderer Neither SWAT nor armed citizens are a solution to the threat posed by assault weapons

    Gun Control op-ed in the Washington Post

    Crime gun sources in Los Angeles (.pdf)

    Gun control: facts and myths (.pdf)

    Assault weapons: lethality (.pdf)

    Insta-check and waiting periods (.pdf)


    Resources, Selection & Training (newest on top)          collected essays

    Where Should Cops Live? Officer-citizen conflicts stir renewed interest in residency requirements

    Working Scared Fearful, ill-trained and poorly supervised cops are tragedies waiting to happen (x-ref from UF)

    “Teaching” Police Departments? That’s Right, Teaching Medical education is advanced as an appropriate model for the police

    New Jersey Blues How is the Garden State responding to increased violence? By shedding cops.

    Which Way, C.J.? Two John Jay scholars propose that Criminal Justice programs emphasize methodology

    Is the Sky About to Fall? Chiefs warn that police cutbacks will lead to a resurgence of crime. Are they right?

    Not All Cops Are Blue Internal strife besets two well-regarded police departments

    A Larger Force, But At What Cost? As crime falls, LAPD’s growth threatens other city services

    Sheriff Baca’s “Police Academy” TV reality shows and police training don’t mix

    Cops Matter Sharp cuts in police threaten community safety

    What Should It Take to Be Hired? Loose hiring standards and City Hall interference produce inferior recruits

    A Town Without Pity Seattle lures police candidates from other cities

    At least They’re Consistently Lousy Using sworn deputies for custodial work makes for poor cops and lousy jailers

    Keeping our Emperors Clothed What did we know about Eliot Spitzer and Mike Carona?  Very little.

    LAPD’s thin blue line How many cops does L.A. need?  How many can it afford?

    The next chief of police should be, first and foremost, a cop


    Strategy & Tactics (newest on top)          collected essays

    Ideology Trumps Reason Clashing belief systems challenge criminal justice policymaking

    A Stitch in Time Could early intervention save officer and citizen lives?

    A Matter of Life and Death In an era of highly lethal firearms, keeping patrol informed is job #1

    Good Guy/Bad Guy/Black Guy (Part II) Aggressive crime-fighting strategies can exact an unintended toll (x-ref from UF)

    Good Guy/Bad Guy/Black Guy (Part I) Do cops use race to decide who poses a threat? (x-ref from UF)

    Intended or not, a Very Rough Ride A hung jury and two acquittals mar a prosecutor’s crusade against police violence (x-ref from C & E)

    After the Fact Ordinary policing strategies can’t prevent terrorism (x-ref from T)

    Traffic Stops Aren’t Just About “Traffic” Two instances of using traffic laws to justify drug searches reach the Supreme Court

    It’s Amateur Hour in the Southland Goofs by L.A.-area cops generate unwelcome publicity – and probably, at least one lawsuit

    Cops Need More Than Body Armor As powerful weapons flood the streets, what can officers do?

    Quantity, Quality and the NYPD Has a preoccupation with “numbers” compromised craftsmanship?

    The More Things Change... Twenty years after the L.A. Riots, are things really better?

    Catch and Release II An “evidence-based” pre-trial release program lands Milwaukee in a pickle

    Murder, Interrupted? Searching for violence-reduction strategies other than hard-nosed policing

    Catch and Release Sometimes there really is no substitute for common sense

    LAPD Got it Right Ousting Occupiers on its own schedule, with sensitivity and attention to detail

    A Delicate Balance Can police best help a democracy flourish by intervening or by artfully holding back?

    When One Goof is One Too Many Pilots use checklists. Physicians, too. Why not detectives?

    Forty Years After Kansas City Specialized teams may be dandy, but patrol still counts

    Translational? That’s Right, Translational A new paradigm seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice

    Risky Business Warrant service is killing cops

    Lessons of St. Pete Police tactics remain stagnant while officer killings continue to rise

    Having Your Cake, and Eating it Too! Two noted economists say we can reduce imprisonment and crime. But what kind of crime?

    Fighting the Wall Street Mob Feds use wiretaps and “cooperating witnesses” to expose insider trading

    An Epidemic of Busted Tail Lights LAPD struggles over claims of racial profiling

    R.I.P. Community Policing? Reclaiming professionalism sounds great, but it begs an underlying issue

    What’s More Lethal Than a Gun? Officers have more to fear from accidents than from criminals

    Too Much of a Good Thing? NYPD’s expansive use of stop-and-frisk may threaten the tactic’s long-term viability

    See No Evil, Speak No Evil Why don’t witnesses come forward?  Often, for a very good reason.

    A Very Dubious Achievement Camden PD fights crime and violence. And its own officers.

    Missed Signals In hindsight everything’s simple.  But policing takes a lot more than hindsight.

    Hidden in Plain Sight The unintended consequences of sloppy policing

    Slapping Lipstick on the Pig (Part III) Simple policing strategies are the best

    Slapping Lipstick on the Pig (Part II) “Proving” that crime-control strategies work is laden with pitfalls

    Slapping Lipstick on the Pig (Part I) Do elaborate violence-reduction initiatives make a difference?

    Science is Back. No, Really! DOJ promises that, henceforth, research will drive crime control policy

    Oakland: How could it happen? Dissecting the murder of four police officers, and its implications

    Who’s Guarding the Henhouse? (Part II) The devastating legacy of Al Gore’s reinvention movement

    What Can Cops Really Do? Specialized teams can help, but their officers must come from somewhere

    Who’s Guarding the Henhouse? While Madoff pulled off the heist of the century, who was watching?

    Crime-Fighting on a Budget When money’s tight can we afford specialized units?

    Intrusions “Happen,” Good Police Work Doesn’t Home intrusions by homicidal strangers may be more common than police imagine

    The Gangs of L.A.  To rid a city of gangs, look to the basics first

    There’s no easy solution The domestic arms race has made police work exceedingly risky

    Of Hot Spots and Band-Aids Intensively policing troubled areas isn’t a lasting remedy

    To Discover the Truth When kids tell tall tales the consequences can be grave

    Love your brother -- and frisk him, too! Aggressive patrol strategies have costs other than money

    Who rioted in MacArthur Park? Bratton, who wasn’t there, moves swiftly to censure those who were

    The craft of policing (.pdf)


    Technology & Forensics (newest on top)          collected essays

    People do Forensics Conflicts about oversight neglect a fundamental issue

    Guilty Until Proven Innocent Pressures to solve notorious crimes can lead to tragic miscarriages of justice (x-ref from WC)

    Better Late Than Never (Part II) DOJ proposes rules for forensic testimony. Do they go far enough?

    Better Late Than Never (Part I) A “hair-raising” forensic debacle forces DOJ’s hand

    A Dead Man’s Tales Apple extends posthumous protections to a dead terrorist’s cell phone

    State of the Art...Not! Forensics, six years after the NAS report

    Taking the Bite Out of Bite Marks Should bite mark evidence go down for the count?

    Freedom From the Press Encryption keeps police radio traffic from prying ears.  Including the media’s.

    A Day Late, a Warrant Short An investigative delay puts warrantless electronic tracking in front of the Supremes

    Don’t Blame the Messenger When jurors say that a case doesn’t add up, we ought to pay attention

    A New Crystal Ball Reliability concerns plague a widely-used test for psychopathy

    One Size Doesn’t Fit All Overuse of Shaken Baby Syndrome may have led to many miscarriages of justice

    Predictive Policing: Rhetoric or Reality? New data-mining techniques promise to reinvent policing. Again.

    The Killers of L.A. DNA nabs three serial killers in four years, most recently through a familial search

    More Labs Under the Gun Resource issues, poor oversight and pressures to produce keep plaguing crime labs

    DNA: Proceed With Caution Subjectivity can affect the interpretation of mixed samples

    Would You Bet Your Freedom on a Dog’s Nose? Dog scent evidence comes under fire

    What’s the D.A. Want From the Sheriff? The DNA lab, of course.  Or if he can get it, everything.

    DNA’s Dandy, But What About Body Armor? As lethal threats to police increase, protection languishes -- but there’s hope

    N.A.S. to C.S.I.: Shape Up! Putting the “science” back in forensics won’t be simple

    Forensics Under the Gun Commonly accepted techniques may lack scientific value

    Labs Under the Gun Can police crime laboratories be trusted?

    Mindboarding Is brain scanning the new polygraph?

    Beat the Odds, Go to Jail DNA random match probabilities may be overstated

    C.S.I. They’re Not Lab goofs and dueling “experts” give forensics a black eye

    Polygraph: science or sorcery? Its usefulness is mostly as a prop

    The Myth of Profiling Pop psychology can lead investigators astray


    Terrorism (newest on top)          collected essays

    After the Fact Ordinary policing strategies can’t prevent terrorism

    A Dead Man’s Tales Apple extends posthumous protections to a dead terrorist’s cell phone (x-ref from TF)

    Sometimes There is no Second Chance Preventing horrific terrorist attacks may require new legal rules

    A Fearful Nation Is extremism in the defense of liberty a virtue?

    Written, Produced and Directed A disturbing legacy of roping in dopes, with no end in sight

    The Long Arm of the Law America stings foreign arms and drug traffickers with a powerful narco-terror law

    A Dangerous Loser Did a Saudi student come to America with murder in his heart?

    Taking Bombs From Strangers How far should the Government go in fighting terrorism?

    They Didn’t Read Police Issues Two more wannabe Jihadists accept bombs from the FBI

    The Men Who Talked Too Much For those in the Federal bulls-eye the entrapment defense offers little refuge

    Closing the “Terror Gap” Concerns about gun rights trump worries about terrorism

    Flying Under the Radar Can terrorists be caught before they act?

    Is This What the Framers Intended? Economic woes and inflammatory rhetoric feed a resurgence of extremism

    Doing Nothing, Redux What’s more frightening than terrorism?  Relying on analysts to prevent it.

    Dopes, Not Roped More losers get hurled, or hurl themselves, at America.  Should we tremble?

    The Face of Evil Holocaust Museum shooter part of an extensive, loosely-federated hate movement

    Rope-a-Dope Now that five Liberty City plotters stand convicted, should we feel safer?

    Torture: Who Decides? The real dilemma’s not about using torture -- it’s about authorizing it

    Damned if they do, even if they could Pressures to make arrests distract FBI agents from pursuing worthwhile targets

    Making terrorists (Part II) Change the law! Relaxing the standards for electronic interceptions can be a good idea

    If You Can’t Find a Terrorist, Make One! Encouraging Jihadist wannabees is the wrong approach


    Wrongful Conviction (newest on top)          collected essays

    People do Forensics Conflicts about oversight neglect a fundamental issue (x-ref from TF)

    Guilty Until Proven Innocent Pressures to solve notorious crimes can lead to tragic miscarriages of justice

    Better Late Than Never (Part II) DOJ proposes rules for forensic testimony. Do they go far enough? (x-ref from TF)

    Better Late Than Never (Part I) A “hair-raising” debacle forces DOJ’s hand (x-ref from TF)

    Is a Case Ever Too “Cold”? Citing factual errors, an Illinois prosecutor successfully moves to free a convicted killer

    State of the Art...Not! Forensics, six years after the NAS report (x-ref from TF)

    When Seeing Shouldn’t be Believing A long-awaited report offers best practices in eyewitness identification

    Wrongful and Indefensible Coerced confessions cost two innocent men thirty years in prison

    The Tip of the Iceberg Hooray for the exonerated! But what about everyone else?

    A Railroad Job? Dueling experts and manipulative interrogation cast a shadow over a conviction

    The “Witches” of West Memphis Outraged citizens called them killers. They were wrong.

    False Confessions Don’t Just “Happen” When expediency is the more important value, tragedy follows

    Rush to Judgment (Part II) By now, every cop knows that witness ID can be chancy. Right?

    Time or Money If you haven’t the bucks for a good lawyer, get ready to do the time

    No End in Sight DNA exonerations of the wrongfully convicted continue as non-DNA work heats up

    Dead Man Walking Kevin Cooper has had his appeals.  Guilty or not, he will soon meet his maker.

    DOJ: Texas Executed an Innocent Man Before a national audience, experts confirm what was long suspected

    Baby Steps Aren’t Enough Protections against miscarriages of justice must be embedded within the system

    Playing With Fire Journalism students double as advocates for the wrongfully convicted

    What If There’s No DNA? When biological evidence is lacking, the wrongfully convicted may be stuck

    House of Cards Evidence isn’t better just because there’s lots of it: it must also be true

    Never Say Die When should prosecutors quit clinging to a case?

    Can We Outlaw Wrongful Convictions (Part II)? Legislator proposes banning showups and recording all interrogations

    Can We Outlaw Wrongful Convictions? Are sequential, double-blind lineups really the answer?

    Miscarriages of justice: a roadmap for change To prevent wrongful convictions, education is key

    The Ten Deadly Sins Why do miscarriages of justice keep happening?

    Near Misses Six chilling examples of an imperfect criminal justice system

    A very rightful conviction Crying wolf over a well-deserved conviction

    The Usual Suspects Having a record makes it far more likely to be mistakenly arrested

    .027 Rules! How many wrongful convictions have there been? A lot more than what’s known!

    Believe It...Or Not! Despite prosecutors’ best efforts, a wrongfully imprisoned woman gets a break

    If it Doesn’t Fit... Why do prosecutors resist post-conviction DNA analysis?

    Your Lying Eyes Poor witness ID + pressure to solve a crime = tragedy

    Governor to CCFAJ: drop dead Bowing to cops and victim groups, the Guvernator nixes justice reforms



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